Terra Cotta Tables

Tables Made from Terra Cotta

A favorite outdoor furniture element is the table, which often serves as a social gathering spot whether it is for a meal, a drink, or a game of chess. These tables can be found in all types of outdoor environments, including a patio, backyard, plaza, beach or park.

While today’s outdoor furniture mostly consists of plastic or wicker materials, terra cotta is still used for many outdoor gathering spots because it can last. However, over time it does deteriorate and may need restoration or replacement. That’s where TerraGlas can help.

Deterioration of Terra Cotta Tables

Terra Cotta tables are heavy and solid, which helps them to withstand much of the outdoor elements. Day after day, these tables are often exposed to the elements, including intense sunlight, freezing and thawing temperatures, wind, rain and sometimes even earthquakes. Over time, the terra cotta does start to break down. Often, it crumbles, exposing the metal within the table used for support, which then corrodes. Once this occurs, the deterioration of the terra cotta table tends to accelerate.

The deterioration may lead to pieces falling off the table. No one wants a chunk of terra cotta table landing on their feet. This can be dangerous and even deadly. Of course, the terra cotta table also loses its beauty when it deteriorates. Altogether, this means that the terra cotta table needs to be restored or replaced.

Table Restoration and Construction with TerraGlas

While the table could be restored using terra cotta, it is often difficult and expensive to match the existing terra cotta, especially if the table has any pattern or markings. The material tends to be difficult to work with due to its weight and inflexibility. However, there is another solution that removes these challenges from the restoration or construction process, helping to restore a terra cotta table.

TerraGlas is a material that is being used on many types of terra cotta restoration projects, including historical structures and architectural elements. It is lighter in weight and more flexible to work with, making it easier to replace the deteriorated areas. This also means that transporting the table and installing it in a garden, patio, or plaza is much easier to do than the original terra cotta table.

Yet, despite being much lighter than terra cotta, TerraGlas has the durability and strength to last longer. It can handle water, wind, temperature changes, fire and seismic activity without crumbling. TerraGlas is also not adversely impacted by chemicals in the air or saltwater. This ensures that it will last longer than the original terra cotta, saving future restoration work and costs.

TerraGlas is also a versatile material that can be made to look like just about anything. It can be made to match the existing terra cotta or it can be designed to appear like many other types of materials, including limestone, marble, wood and even gold. The surface of the table can be smooth or have a texture to it.

Free Estimates for TerraGlas Tables

To learn more about how TerraGlas can help you restore or create a terra cotta table, as well as receive a free estimate for that project, contact our team at 903.454.0904 or through email at: info@terraglas.com.

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