Replacing Terra Cotta Planters

How to replace your terracotta planters.

TerraGlas can replace or restore your damaged terra cotta planters.

Terra Cotta Planters
Whether you place them outside a building on a sidewalk or plaza or you display them in a hotel lobby, dining area in a restaurant, or along a shopping promenade, planters provide a way to include greenery, such as flowers, small trees, shrubbery and succulents.

A favorite among planter materials is terra cotta for its color and ability to be embellished with many details. The somewhat porous material is also good for the greenery that it houses. However, these terra cotta planters may not last due to exposure to all types of elements. That’s why TerraGlas offers a great alternative.

Why Terra Cotta Planters Deteriorate
While terra cotta is beautiful and is good for plants, shrubs, and small trees, it does not hold up over time. That’s because when it is exposed to weather, water, and chemicals, the terra cotta material begins to break down, including crumbling, cracking, and chipping.

No one wants to have a deteriorating planter on display as part of their exterior design because it takes away from that reputation of excellence and quality that a business wants. Even worse, the deterioration of the terra cotta planters can harm the plants and shrubs in the planters, further damaging the surrounding beauty.

Long-Lasting Beautiful Planters
When it comes to new planters to match your existing décor, including fountains and columns, TerraGlas has the solution for you. The planters can be made to look like terra cotta or they can be changed completely to look like anything from rocks and concrete to wood or natural stone. An existing finish can be matched as part of a planter restoration project, blending the old and new in a seamless fashion.

That’s because TerraGlas is a durable, lightweight material that is versatile and offers low maintenance. With this flexibility, planters can be made into virtually any shape, size, and finish. The weather-resistant material is not vulnerable to acid rain, chemicals, and rot caused by regular water contact.

TerraGlas has 30 years of experience creating American-made replica terra cotta planters as well as custom planters in an array of designs and finishes. Along with all the other finishes that are available, these planters feature exceptional craftsmanship. The TerraGlas team offers free design assistance and can quickly produce any type of planter in a range of architectural styles, including Tuscan, Grecian, Corinthian, Mediterranean, Roman and Contemporary. Additional details can be added, including fluting, ribbing, and other motifs.

Ordering direct from the manufacturer provides a quick and cost-effective way to add terra cotta planters to your building. The TerraGlas team offers fast turnaround time so you can finish the exterior look to your structure and begin to enjoy the beautiful effect

Free Estimates for Terra Cotta Planters
To learn more about how TerraGlas can help you update your space and create a new look by restoring a terra cotta planter or creating a brand new planter as well as receive a free estimate, contact our team at 903.454.0904 or through email at:

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