Terra Cotta Column Bases

Terra cotta column bases.

Column bases from TerraGlas are completely customizable.


Column Bases from TerraGlas
While it is usually the elegance and stature of columns that get all of the attention, these stunning architectural features have something that keeps them upright and offers support so they stay that way. Column bases are the unsung heroes in the architectural relationship with their column partners.

Defining Column Bases
Terra Cotta column bases often mirror the architectural style of the column they are supporting. This can be everything from the Ionic style to the Doric style to the Corinthian and Tuscan orders. Column bases come in many designs, including square and rounded options, simple and textured designs, or columns with very specific patterns or ornamentation.

These column bases, along with the columns they support, are often seen at banks and financial institutions, resorts and casinos, shopping centers, colleges and universities, courthouses and other government buildings. These are a popular architectural feature because the columns and column bases add a sense of strength, stability, and stature for a grand and stately look.

The Deterioration on Terra Cotta Column Bases
Because they are known for their strength and support, the last thing you want to worry about is that column bases will deteriorate. However, like all terra cotta architectural features, time, weather, and other forces may wear down the column bases.

Not only does this deterioration take away their original grandeur and beauty, but it can also create a safety hazard. In supporting large columns, the last aspect of a building you want to deteriorate is a major supporting feature like a column base, which can literally end up bringing down the entire structure if it fails.

Recreating or Creating Column Bases with TerraGlas
Having produced thousands of column bases for clients around the world, we can attest to using TerraGlas as an alternative building material that can replicate an old column base or create something entirely new. You can use our extensive catalogue of column base designs or you can provide us with a custom design idea or existing column base design that needs to be recreated. These can be finished to look like terra cotta or any other type of finish, color, or texture.

Our team has worked with all sizes and degrees of complexity when it comes to column bases as well as the adjoining architectural features. Along with a free estimate, the TerraGlas team offers detail and drawing assistance, CAD drawings, prototypes, consultations and on-site installation assistance.

Once installed, you can be confident that these column bases made from TerraGlas will stand the test of time well beyond the original terra cotta timeframe. Our column bases are resistant to weather, water, and seismic activity, so you will not have to worry about rot, cracks, or corrosion that could compromise the building’s integrity. Plus, these column bases, like all TerraGlas products, require virtually no maintenance.

Estimates for TerraGlas Column Bases
When you are considering adding columns to your architectural product, you will most likely need to also get an estimate for the column bases. Get information for both architectural features by contacting our team at 903.454.0904 or through email at: info@terraglas.com.

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