Terra Cotta Finials

replacing terra cotta finials

Using TerraGlas to replace old terra cotta ensures that your finials will last.

Terra Cotta Finials

One of the many eye-catching architectural components of numerous building designs is the finial. This is one of various elements that join other aspects like entryways, windows, and doors to complete a structural design. Here is an overview of finials, how those made from terra cotta often deteriorate, and how TerraGlas can help by providing a high-quality, versatile, and long-lasting solution.

Decorating with Finials

Finials are often the finishing touch on certain aspects of a roof, such as a cupola, dome, roof fencing or any other type of feature on the top of a building. They come in many shapes and designs with everything from a tapered look to spherical or triangular designs.  They can also be highly decorative with flowers, leaves, or some other type of design. First used on castles in the Middle Ages, finials remain a popular architectural feature even today. Finials can often be seen atop churches, government buildings, hotels and even homes.

The Deterioration on Terra Cotta Finials

Since finials are most often featured on a building’s exterior, the terra cotta material frequently used to make them is vulnerable to numerous conditions, including weather, water, and wind as well as insects. The problem with this type of deterioration is that the heavy terra cotta finials may fall off the structure, causing harm to those below. Of course, from an aesthetic standpoint, the deterioration can also take away from the building’s beauty.

Recreating or Restoring Finials with TerraGlas

TerraGlas addresses these vulnerabilities found when using terra cotta. As a unique building material, TerraGlas is much lighter in weight yet delivers durability and strength to handle all types of external elements. This means that it is easy to install but unsusceptible to corrosion, cracking, or insect infestation. TerraGlas also has the ability to resist fire and seismic activity not to mention hurricane force winds. Yet, as a lightweight material, TerraGlas does not put stress on the structure. Even better, TerraGlas is a low-maintenance material, requiring very little to keep it looking its best.

Then there is the versatility that TerraGlas offers. Whether you are looking to recreate the original terra cotta look and specific design to match what is already there or you want it to look like some other type of material, TerraGlas can deliver on your individual design needs while standing the test of time.

Not only can you enjoy the advantages of an effective solution for restoring or creating finials for your construction project, you can also benefit from the advantages of working with a knowledgeable and responsive team that offers design consultations, modern manufacturing processes, and on-site assistance to ensure that you can complete your project on time and on budget.

Estimates for TerraGlas Finials

To make it even more convenient for you, we offer free estimates on all of our cost-effective TerraGlas products.  Contact us at 903.454.0904 or through email at: info@terraglas.com to get your estimate or more information.

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