Guide to Restoring and Renovating Terra Cotta Entryways

June 17, 2014

Terra Cotta Restoration

Terra cotta entryway

TerraGlas can replace even the most intricately detailed terra cotta entrances.

Terra Cotta Entryways
One of the many features first seen on a building is its entryway, which can be anything from simple to grand in its size and details. It signals where people should enter a building so it is important to make it clear and inviting, especially if it is an entryway to a retail structure like a restaurant, store, or hotel. Whether you want to restore an old terra cotta entryway that is deteriorating or you are looking to add one to a new construction project, consider the benefits of using TerraGlas to create an attractive, long-lasting entrance.

Terra Cotta Entryways
Architectural terra cotta entryways are commonly found on government buildings, hospitality businesses, retail operations, churches, resorts and even two-story residences. They are often enhanced with moldings and bas relief when there is a need to create something more sophisticated to match the overall grandeur of the building.

Often, terra cotta was the material of choice on older buildings because it enabled the detailing that produced a wide range of beautiful facades for entryways. This commonly used material could be used to create intricate designs or add scenes to doorways that represented what was housed or offered in that building. This could be anything from religious symbols, to scenes that represented the hospitality business within.

The Effects of Deterioration on Terra Cotta Entryways
As with many terra cotta elements that clad a building, the materials begin to wear away over time after exposure to wind, water, and changing temperatures. What was once a beautiful design or scene in terra cotta that framed a doorway may now be damaged and worn. Or, there may be concerns that pieces may fall off as people walk through the entryway and are hurt by the heavy terra cotta fragments.

Restoring or Creating Entryways with TerraGlas
To restore an original entryway or create a brand new one, TerraGlas can offer you the flexibility in design capability along with the ability to match the original color and texture that was used with the terra cotta. If you are creating a new entryway, TerraGlas can help you create virtually any design thanks to the versatility of TerraGlas to emulate numerous materials.  Our team also has a diverse knowledge of architectural styles and design sensibility to help you match the entryway to any building type, helping to create an incredible entryway masterpiece.

The TerraGlas material offers significant benefits over terra cotta, including being much lighter in weight as well as more durable and long-lasting even when faced with extreme elements like wind, water, and temperature as well as offering fire and seismic resistance. This means that your entryway will continue to attract and welcome guests for years to come. The lightweight material also makes it easier to install, saving on labor and time as well as reducing the construction impact on the environment.

Estimates for TerraGlas Entryways
If you would like more information or an estimate for an entryway made from TerraGlas, please contact our seasoned, knowledgeable, and friendly team at 903.454.0904 or through email at:

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