Terra Cotta Entablature

Architectural Entablature: Repairing and Replacing Terra Cotta
The entablature is a common feature found on most building made of terra cotta. Like with all terra cotta elements, this architectural component starts to crumble and disintegrate over time. While this can create challenges in terms of restoring these entablatures, TerraGlas® provides a solution that restores this architectural feature to its original glory and provides a long-lasting material to ensure that it stays intact for years to come.

Terra Cotta Entablatures
Entablatures provide the top of a column, commonly found on many classically-inspired buildings. The entablature is made up of the architrave, frieze, and cornice. Often, the elements that make up the entablature have some details that add further beauty, such as bas relief carvings that may contain various scenes, figures, or abstract designs.

The Effects of Deterioration on Terra Cotta Entablatures
Terra cotta is a material that is very vulnerable to water and the natural elements, including temperature changes, wind, rain and seismic activity as well as chemicals. The terra cotta that makes up entablatures tends to deteriorate and crumble.

Aesthetically, this means that the decorative details can be lost. In terms of safety, this deterioration can impact the structural integrity of the building as it is tied to columns that often carry building load. There is also the risk that chunks of the terra cotta may break from the entablature and harm someone on the street below. Either way, when terra cotta entablatures begin to deteriorate, reconstruction needs to be considered.

Restoring Entablatures with TerraGlas
Using traditional terra cotta may not be the best solution when entablatures need to be replaced or restored. This is because the material is heavy and hard to match. It also may not be easy to match the original design. However, when you work with TerraGlas®, you get viable options for restoring that original entablature design.

The experts at TerraGlas® can exactly match the color, texture, and design of the entablature, using various technologies. The TerraGlas® material is a lightweight alternative to traditional terra cotta and can be used to make a new entablature. Not only will the original beauty be restored, but the new entablature will be lighter in weight. This means it will be easy to install, and durable enough to withstand more of the elements than the original terra cotta entablature.

Even if you are looking to create something entirely new, our team has an extensive architectural knowledge to help you follow the major classical orders like Corinthian, Ionic, or Doric. They can also help you think outside the classical architectural order box and go with something unique, or we could even work with a different architectural style like arts and crafts. It’s only limited by your imagination!

More Information on TerraGlas for Entablatures
If you are looking to restore terra cotta entablatures or add them to your building, the TerraGlas team offers years of experience and expertise to create the right architectural product for you. To learn more or get a free estimate, contact them at 903.454.0904 or through email at: info@terraglas.com.

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