TerraGlas Terracotta-style Chimney Caps

January 29, 2013


TerraGlas Chimney Caps

TerraGlas Chimney Caps

TerraGlas Chimney Caps

It wasn’t very long ago that nearly every building in the world had a chimney. From the smallest hovels to the grandest palaces, chimneys were everywhere. Due to the amount of debris that can fall into a chimney, chimneys need protective chimney caps. However, with the many technological advances we’ve made over the years to improve the way we heat our homes, chimneys have become more of a rarity. This means if your hotel, casino or business still has a chimney, you are going to want to take care of it, and show it off. The best way to do both, is to get a beautiful, TerraGlas chimney cap from TerraGlas.

Old World Charm, New World Convenience

A hundred years ago, chimney caps were a common sight, but they are increasingly rare these days. However, chimney caps provide a unique architectural detail to the rooftop of any building. In fact, there are some chimney caps that are positively iconic. Just about everyone in the world knows what the chimney cap at the Vatican looks like! Strangely, most producers of chimney caps don’t recognize the aesthetic opportunity that they provide. Common chimney caps are pure utility, and are made out of metals or terracotta that rust and erode over time. Stromberg Architectural Products stands out from the crowd by producing beautiful, TerraGlas chimney caps that compliment your building’s design aesthetic. Whether you choose to go with a stock design, or you prefer to design your own custom chimney cap, you can be sure that your chimney cap will stand out as a unique architectural detail. Intentionality is key to consistent aesthetic design. Make sure you don’t miss any details by installing the perfect TerraGlas chimney cap at your business or residence.

TerraGlas Chimney Caps, Practical and Attractive

Not only are the TerraGlas chimney caps from TerraGlas attractive, they are also incredibly practical. Most common chimney caps are made from metals that corrode or rust over time, which is not only unattractive, but also crippling to the function of the chimney caps. If a chimney cap is corroded, it will be less effective at keeping out debris and animals. TerraGlas chimney caps solve this problem. TerraGlas is an extremely resilient compound that is resistant to elements like wind and rain, and can even stand up to tougher corrosives like acid rain and smog. TerraGlas won’t rot, rust, corrode or delaminate over time, making it the perfect compound for chimney caps.

Features and Benefits of TerraGlas Chimney Caps

  • Resistant to erosion by wind and rain
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Fully customizable to match any architectural style
  • Visually identical, but structurally superior to original architectural terracotta

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