Terracotta Fountains by TerraGlas

January 30, 2013


TerraGlas Terracotta Fountains

TerraGlas Terracotta Fountains

TerraGlas Terracotta Fountains

Terracotta fountains have long been the focal point of many town squares in Europe. Once, these fountains provided both a practical function, as a source of fresh water, as well as an aesthetic purpose. However, since the proliferation of plumbing and running water, fountains have been less common. Nonetheless, they remain attractive and evocative of the French or Italian countryside. Today, TerraGlas fountains are the standard for premium terracotta fountains without the fuss of old-fashioned terracotta.

Beautiful Custom Terracotta Fountains by TerraGlas

Terracotta fountains from TerraGlas are visually indistinguishable from old-fashioned terracotta. Our fountains are beautifully rustic and well-suited to gardens, entryways, plazas or squares. These fountains are not only attractive in their own right, they also evoke a sense of old world Europe. Viewers are immediately transported, if only for a second, to the rustic simplicity of Orvietto, Tuscany or Southern France. TerraGlas has a wide selection of these amazing fountains, but for the more discerning customer, we can custom design fountains to your specifications. Work with our team of expert craftsmen and designers to recreate a fountain you may have seen on vacation in Europe or anywhere else in the world. We can even work with you to create an entirely original fountain, unique to your home or place of business.

Structurally Superior and Easy to Maintain

TerraGlas isn’t an alternative to terracotta, it is an improvement. Terracotta, though beautiful and cost efficient, is fragile and prone to disintegrate over time. TerraGlas blends classic terracotta with modern synthetic materials to create a structurally superior product that is visually identical. The additional structural support afforded by the synthetic blend allows TerraGlas products to flex when terracotta would shatter and repel water and other liquids when terracotta would absorb them. Unwanted plant growth scrubs off easily, and rain rolls right off without eroding the product.

Features and Benefits of TerraGlas Fountains

  • Resistant to erosion by wind and rain
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Fully customizable to match any architectural style
  • Visually identical, but structurally superior to original architectural terracotta

Contact Us Today

For more information about TerraGlas fountains, or for questions concerning custom orders or estimates, contact our experts today at 903.454.0904, or send an email requesting more information to [email protected]

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