TerraGlas Terracotta Columns

January 8, 2013


Striking Columns in Durable TerraGlas

TerraGlas Terra Cotta Columns by Stromberg

TerraGlas Terracotta Columns by Stromberg

One of the most distinctive features of classical architecture, columns are the quintessential fusion of form and function. Columns of all sizes and shapes have supported humanity’s most significant and treasured buildings throughout history. Not only do they provide the necessary architectural support to accomplish amazing feats such as the Parthenon in Rome or the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, columns are also beautiful to behold. Some columns are made from stone, like marble or granite, while others are made of more pragmatic materials like wood or even cast iron. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, architectural terracotta was a popular building material for columns, unfortunately, while terracotta was abundant and easy to work with, it weathers poorly. Fortunately, Stromberg Architectural has a solution: TerraGlas, a clever blend of classic terracotta and modern, synthetic fibers.

Resilient TerraGlas Columns Are Built to Last

Traditional terracotta columns are porous, which makes them prone to erosion and disintegration when exposed to rain and harsh weather. Additionally, clay is a naturally brittle material that will crack if struck or exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. TerraGlas, on the other hand, is smooth and not porous at all, so it will not hold water when it rains. Additionally, the tiny synthetic fibers that are blended into the material provide additional bracing and support to safeguard against sudden impacts or changes in temperature. Amazingly, despite these marked improvements over raw terracotta, TerraGlas is visually indistinguishable, making it a superior product without having to sacrifice any facet of design.

Custom TerraGlas Columns are Built to Order

We take pride in the quality of our TerraGlas terracotta columns, and we have a wide selection of stock models to choose from. However, we also understand the importance of finding the perfect terracotta column for any given project. When you custom order TerraGlas terracotta columns from Stromberg, you gain access to one of the best teams of architectural terracotta artisans in the country. Our master craftsmen will work with you to ensure that your custom, TerraGlas terracotta columns are made perfectly to your specifications. Whether you are restoring an old building or constructing a new one, we can provide the perfect terracotta columns for your project.

Features and Benefits of TerraGlas Bas Reliefs

  • Resistant to erosion by wind and rain
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Fully customizable to match any architectural style
  • Visually identical, but structurally superior to original architectural terracotta

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