Church Bas Reliefs in TerraGlas

December 3, 2012


Church Bas Reliefs in TerraGlas

Beautiful Terra Cotta-style Bas Reliefs by TerraGlas

An ancient sculpting technique, bas reliefs have been used for thousands of years. From coins to walls, examples of bas relief can be found dating all the way back to the Babylonians and Egyptians. During the Italian Renaissance, bas relief work became a staple of church architecture thanks to artists like Donatello. Bas reliefs are beautiful, and more importantly, can be viewed from any angle or distance, and their features will not be distorted by awkward perspectives.

TerraGlas: The Simple Solution for Church Bas Reliefs

Terra Cotta has been used for centuries as a medium for bas reliefs. Unfortunately, since terra cotta is prone to disintegrate over time, many bas reliefs made out of terra cotta do not have the longest lifespans. However, thanks to TerraGlas, long-lasting terra cotta-style bas reliefs are finally a possibility. TerraGlas will stay looking beautiful and new for years longer than traditional terra cotta, and is all but indistinguishable from the original material.

The Strengths of TerraGlas Bas Reliefs

Not only are Stromberg’s TerraGlas bas reliefs light-weight and relatively inexpensive, they are also remarkably durable and low-maintenance. TerraGlas is weather resistant, and will not corrode, rust or rot. It can stand up to many hazards that would threaten traditional bas reliefs, such corrosive agents like smog and acid rain, as well as more natural threats like hurricanes, windstorms and flooding. TerraGlas also has remarkable longevity, and will not dissolve over time. All of this means that you can feature a beautiful Stromberg TerraGlas bas relief on the outside of your church without having to worry about the elements.

Features and Benefits of TerraGlas Bas Reliefs

  • Resistant to erosion by wind and rain
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Fully customizable to match any architectural style
  • Visually identical, but structurally superior to original architectural terra cotta

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