Balustrade Repair and Restoration with TerraGlas

November 19, 2012


TerraGlas Balustrades

TerraGlas Balustrades

An often overlooked architectural feature, balustrades are a signature of old world architecture which safely open up rooftops and balconies to foot traffic. Not only do balustrades provide a physical barrier to keep people from falling off of roofs, they also provide a beautiful, patterned effect to the architectural silhouette of a building. However, due to their constant exposure to the elements, they are susceptible to erosion and sun bleaching as well as damage from wind and frost. These effects of the elements can be especially brutal for traditional terra cotta, which can be extremely brittle, despite its popular usage as an architectural building material. Fortunately, TerraGlas has a solution: durable architectural terra cotta restoration that is built to last.

TerraGlas Balustrade Restoration

Due to the constant exposure of architectural elements like balustrades to the elements, it is important to stay on top of maintenance. However, with older buildings, erosion and deterioration are inevitabilities. TerraGlas provides a permanent solution for the endless cycle of architectural terracotta balustrade repair, maintenance, and renovation. Due to the ingenious blending of all natural terracotta with strong, reinforcing blends of fiberglass, TerraGlas balustrades will last for decades longer than plain terracotta. That is because not only are TerraGlas balustrades resistant to erosion from wind and rain, they are also more resistant to kinetic impacts caused by high winds or hail. Additionally, TerraGlas products are not porous, like architectural terracotta, so they are not prone to cracking due to frost damage. Repairs and reconstruction are meant to last for decades, and with TerraGlas, they will.

Better than New Restoration with TerraGlas

One of the hardest things about working with older architecture is that much of it is one of a kind and totally unique. It can be hard to find replacement pieces that match the style of the original building. However, with TerraGlas, you never have to make that compromise. That is because in addition to a huge selection of stock architectural elements, like balustrades, TerraGlas also offers the freedom to custom order elements that are identical to the original architecture of an old building. With a few photographs and a conversation with our in-house artisans, you can have a brand new, TerraGlas reinforced, identical replica of just about any architectural detail that needs replacement.

Features and Benefits of TerraGlas Balustrades

  • Resistant to erosion by wind and rain
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Fully customizable to match any architectural style
  • Visually identical, but structurally superior to original architectural terra cotta

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