New Construction and TerraGlas

October 8, 2012

About TerraGlas

Using TerraGlas in New Construction

Using TerraGlas in New Construction

Although TerraGlas was initially developed with the idea of restoration in mind, it has also proven to be a fantastic building material for new construction. TerraGlas provides the unique appearance of old world terracotta without the stress, maintenance and general complications associated with actual terracotta. Terracotta, though beautiful and easy to work with, is ultimately not the most durable building material. Exposure to the elements has always been a challenge for terracotta construction, but the hazards associated with the times in which we live, such as acid rain and corrosive smog, have proven to be especially damaging to the structural integrity of terracotta. When you choose TerraGlas, you avoid all of these complications by choosing a material that is built for the times. Although our product may outwardly look like terracotta, TerraGlas is significantly more durable, resistant to the elements and light-weight. TerraGlas isn’t an alternative to terracotta construction, it is an unmitigated improvement.

Building to Last with TerraGlas

A hundred years ago, terra cotta was an amazing product, unrivaled in terms of accessibility, affordability and structural integrity. However, the times have changed, and so have the materials we use to construct buildings. TerraGlas is a composite of real terra cotta and resilient GFRC. This combination of materials has proven to result in a product that looks virtually indistinguishable from authentic terra cotta, but without the disadvantages. Terra cotta is a brittle material that can shatter in extreme cold or when struck with concussive force, but the GFRC in TerraGlas provides a degree of flexive strength that makes it significantly more resistant to both of these hazards. Similarly, terra cotta is porous and prone to dissolution when exposed to acidic compounds like smog and acid rain. TerraGlas, on the other hand, is extremely resistant to these elements due to its synthetic blend. These significant advantages mean that when you build with TerraGlas, you build something to last. This is a modern material for a modern age that is sure to persevere with grace well into the future with very little maintenance required.

The TerraGlas Advantage: Modern, Modular and Easy to Install

TerraGlas products come largely prefabricated from our factories. There are dozens of stock architectural details to choose from, including statuary, planters and bas reliefs, but we also provide access to custom-designed products, made specifically for your project. Even the largest wall, floor or ceiling sections will come in easy to assemble pieces that are light weight and simple to maneuver around a worksite. This provides a significant advantage when working to meet specific construction deadlines placed by finances, weather or any other factor. Additionally, due to the high strength to weight ratio, TerraGlas can be used in ways that terra cotta never could. It requires significantly less architectural support, and therefore can be used to build things that could never be built out of raw terra cotta.

Strengths and Advantages of TerraGlas:

  • Durable and resistant to harsh weather and concussive force.
  • High strength to weight ratio allows TerraGlas to be used in ways terra cotta never could.
  • Pre-fabricated sections allow for quick on-site installation.

A Modern Product for a Modern Age, TerraGlas is the New Standard

For more information on employing TerraGlas in your new construction, contact us today at 903.454.0904, or send an email requesting more information to [email protected] Our staff of talented artisans and architects are standing by to help you with any questions, concerns or custom orders you may have.

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