TerraGlas Terracotta Cornice

March 15, 2013


Terracotta-style Cornice by TerraGlas

TerraGlas Cornice

TerraGlas Cornice

Classic and simple, a cornice serves both an aesthetic and pragmatic function. A cornice is basically a stylized ledge that extends a building’s eves. Cornices are not only visually attractive, they also direct rainwater and snow thaw away from the building’s external walls, thereby protecting the building from erosion, water damage and discoloration. An alternative to architectural terracotta cornices, TerraGlas offers a wide selection of cornices that is significantly more durable yet still authentic.

TerraGlas Cornices Replace Terracotta

Architectural terracotta has been used extensively over the years for architectural elements like cornices; however, while terracotta is visually attractive and affordable, it presents several drawbacks. Since it is a type of clay, terracotta is essentially just baked mud, and is therefore incredibly porous. When water absorbs into those pores, the terracotta becomes at risk of cracking during deep freezes. Additionally, terracotta is exceptionally vulnerable to erosion. Fortunately, TerraGlas presents a solution. TerraGlas combines the visual attributes of terracotta with the strength of modern fiber composites. The result is a material that looks virtually identical to terracotta, but it is not at all porous and has significantly more tensile strength. TerraGlas does not absorb water, so it will not crack during deep freezes or intense heatwaves, and it is significantly more resistant to erosion. Even kinetic impacts from fallen tree limbs, heavy hail or other wind-thrown projectiles are less likely to cause significant damage.

Custom TerraGlas Terracotta Cornices

TerraGlas provides a wide selection of different cornices to protect and enhance the appearance of your building; however, if you simply cannot find the perfect cornice, our experts are available for custom orders. When you order custom TerraGlas terracotta cornices, you get the best in the business. Our All-American team of engineers and artisans will work directly with you to design and manufacture the perfect cornice for your project. Not only will your building be totally unique, but it will look great for years to come.

Features and Benefits of TerraGlas

  • TerraGlas cornices are easy to install.
  • TerraGlas is a significant upgrade to terracotta.
  • TerraGlas is resistant to water damage, deep freezes and wind damage.
  • TerraGlas cornices are easy to clean and maintain.

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